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Pyrex Complete Jug Set 0.25L 0.5L 1L Glass


Ideal set of 3 measuring jugs for all kitchens. Great sizes from the handy 250ml up to the big 1 Litre.

No Kitchen is complete without these ideal measuring jugs.

Set 3 Measure Jugs Prepware Pyrex - Borosilicate Glass Extreme Resistance. Perfect for every measuring and pouring task, the Pyrex jug is a must-have utensil for any kitchen. Safe for microwaves, fridges, freezers and conventional ovens, this all-purpose jug is ideal for use at every stage of your food preparation process.

Sizes 250ml, 500ml and 1 Litre.

  • Borosilicate glass: heat resistant
  • Easy to pour
  • Durable : microwave & dishwasher safe
  • Clear measuring levels