Welcome to the Home Deco London Family.. 

3 Years ago we started out our mission to start Home Deco London. Its been fun we go around the world looking for new and exciting home and gifts.

The most fun for us comes when we select and product and then see a review of a happy customer using the product to complete their home or that special gift for a loved one.


One of our main objectives to now has always been on the mood elements of life and how we can in relax and enjoy our little treats in life.

Nothing better than relaxing with a good candle after a long day.


We started out with a lot of candle lantern’s and our range to has expanded to photo frames, candelabras, Candles and lots more exciting products coming live every week.


We have stories around all of our products. From lanterns being handmade in India by families for the last 200 years to our candle range from Italy. Our Candle range are hand poured with amazing detail to the scent and style of the finished product. As a bonus most of our candles are suitable for vegans as they are made from soy and vegetable wax.


I am sure our journey will continue and we will need to update with lots of exciting things going forward.


Well for now from the Team at Home Deco London we hope you love our products as much as we do and if you need anything please let us know.



General fixer of all things HDL