1999 2999

  • Size  23x23x48cm
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With a unique, modern design, back to the sea Candle Holder collection is sure to shine brightly in any modern setting.

Made from a nickel base and Mercury glass vase, this candle holder is designed to sit comfortably in any contemporary dining room or living area. Complemented perfectly with Mercury glass, which not only adds to the modern design, but also ensure the candle holder is easy to clean when it comes round to spring cleaning.

Once a candle is alight with in this amazing hold the shine of gold via the aqua is truly beautiful.

Stylish and practical, this candle holder will make a perfect present, and it comes ready boxed for added convenience.


Qty available:30
Aqua Coral Nickel Glass Hurricane Lantern Candle Holder
1999 2999

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