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BarCraft Ice Cube Tray with Flexible Easy Release Mould


BarCraft Ice Cube Tray with Flexible Easy Release Mould, Plastic, White, 32 x 12 cm


  • REFRESHMENTS DONE RIGHT: this ice mould makes slow-melting cubes, and flexes to release them instantly
  • INSTANT CHILL: use for cool cola at barbecues, cold-snap cocktails at dinner parties, and more
  • STRONG, FLEXIBLE PLASTIC: grab and twist to release un-cracked ice cubes every time
  • STACKABLE: buy two to double up in your freezer. Each makes 14 ice cubes
  • USEFUL INFO: 100% BPA free, and spill and leak resistant. Twelve month guarantee


Whether you’re hosting a garden party on a hot summers’ day or chilling on the sofa for family movie night, make sure your cocktails, spirits and soft drinks stay cool and delicious with this quick-release ice cube maker. Simply fill with water and pop in the freezer. In just a few hours, you’ll have a tray full of large, slow-melting ice cubes that will keep your drinks refreshingly chilled. Best of all, it’s made of strong-but-flexible plastic. This means there’s no need to wrestle the tray for ownership of the ice cubes. Simply twist the tray gently, and the cubes pop straight out!