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European Flame Floating Wine Red Candles Wedding & Home Decoration Various Pack


We have run out of stock for this item.

  • Burn time approximately 5 hours 
  • Give a bright, clear flame throughout burning
  • Each candle is 45mm Diameter 30mm Tall
  • Ideal for domestic and professional use
  • Must be placed in water before you light them
These floating candles can be used to great effect as a group, or place them around your room in separate bowls of water, to create great atmospheric candle light. Alternatively, use your floating candles outdoors, either in bowl on your table, or in the garden pond, but make sure you have enough candle floaters to light up your garden!

Please note: Pack size is 20 per unit, if you order less than 20 of even numbers they candles will come loose packs.