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SB Plant Invigorator Concentrate 500 millilitres


SB Plant Invigorator Concentrate 500 millilitres

The New Environmentally Friendly, Growth Stimulant and Pesticide / Mildewcide for use on all edible and ornamental crops.

Helps to produce quality fruit, vegetables and plants.
Controls a wide range of important pest species. Due to the physical mode of action pests will not become resistant.

SB Plant Invigorator is available in: 250-500 ml concentrate and 500 ml ready-to-use spray.

Controls plant pests including Whitefly,Greenfly, Blackfly, Mealybugs and Spider Mite.

• Biodegradable
• Suitable for use throughout the year
• Non hazardous - crops can be picked immediately after spraying
• Plant stimulant foliar feed for strong healthy growth
• Can control mildew
• Helps prevent chlorosis and improves leaf colour and vigour
• Works by a physical mode of action
• 500ml concentrate makes up to 50 litres of dilute spray