• THE ATTENTION-GRABBING CORKSCREW: this chromed bottle opener removes corks easily and looks good doing it
  • NO MORE STUBBORN CORKS: the non-stick spiral penetrates cleanly so corks don't crumble into bottles
  • SECURE UNCORKING: clamp onto bottle tops and push the handle for rotation-free cork removal
  • COMFORTABLE: shortened wings make it easy to hold. The plastic-coated handle provides a secure grip
  • SLEEK ELEGANCE: its chromed-plated zinc top and arms contrast beautifully with its sleek black body
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An essential for wine lovers everywhere, the humble corkscrew just received a glamorous upgrade. Not only is it one good-looking wine tool, this Chrome Wing Corkscrew combines efficient functionality with a high-quality finish. This corkscrew’s non-stick stainless steel spiral plunges into corks quickly and easily, helped by the stabilising clamp-on base of the corkscrew.

It won’t rotate as you grip and turn the coated handle, either, for seamless bottle opening every time. The chrome-plated zinc wings are shorter than standard corkscrews, making it easier to hold on to. And when contrasted with the matte black body, this chrome wing corkscrew makes a stunning addition to any bar or tabletop.

Rabbit Chrome Wing Corkscrew in Gift Box

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