Orchid Bonsai Plants Soft-Grip Precision Straight Pruning Scissors

Growth Technology Orchid Pruning Scissors - Green Knife steel for a long service life Ideal for cutting and pruning bonsai or Orchid Blade

Orchid pruning scissors, ideal for tidying plant or snipping of old flowers they can also be used for the delicate pruning of bonsai

More Features


  • Pruning Scissors for Orchid and Bonsai plants.
  • Straight stainless steel sharp blade.
  • Spring loaded design so you can hold in the palm of your hand for extra cutting control.
  • Easy open and lock close mechanism, push black button up and down whilst holding scissors closed.
  • Slip proof cushioned grip handle green and black.
  • Length 55 mm
Orchid Soft-Grip Precision Straight Pruning Scissors Also Ideal for Bonsai Plants

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