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Orchid Myst Repotting Kit


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Growth Technology's Orchid Myst Repotting Kit gives you everything you need to help your orchid flower again, without any fuss or hassle!

  • Super quick – takes only 15 minutes to repot!
  • Includes everything you need in one package
  • Clear pot designed specifically for orchids
  • Promotes healthy growth and flowering of orchids


  • 1 x 13cm clear orchid pot, with Orchid Focus repotting mix
  • 1 x bottle of Orchid Myst 100ml
  • 1 x step-by-step illustrated instruction manual

How Growth Technology – Orchid Myst Repotting Kit Works:

Repotting orchids is incredibly important to encourage steady, healthy growth and flowering. In order to achieve this, orchids need to be repotted every 12 to 18 months. Growth Technology’s Orchid Myst Repotting Kit is the ideal solution to this.

With this one convenient and simple kit, you can fully repot your orchids with ease, and a no-fuss set up. As everything is included in the kit, there is no need to purchase any add-ons or extra equipment – just simply use everything provided! It's so easy to use that it takes literally no more than 15 minutes to repot!

This kit includes one 13 cm clear orchid pot that is filled with Orchid Focus Repotting Mix. The clear pot is specifically designed to help grow orchids. The kit also includes a 100ml bottle of Orchid Myst, to encourage dramatic growth and flowering. All of this also comes with a straightforward set of step-by-step illustrated instructions that will make it easier to set up and repot.  

Using Growth Technology – Orchid Myst Repotting Kit:

For more, detailed instructions of how to use the kit or how to repot your orchids, see the comprehensive step-by-step instructions that come as part of the kit.