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Maxwell & Williams Verona Set of Four 150ml Champagne Flutes

£20.69 £22.99

We have run out of stock for this item.

When you hear the cork pop, reach for these awe-inspiring cut glass champagne flutes and give the occasion the glassware it deserves.
Maxwell & Williams’ Verona champagne / prosecco glasses are a new take on a vintage design. With elegant geometric stems, and tall bowls that catch delicious aromas, they’re the ideal vessels for champagne, prosecco, and high-class celebration.
The show-stealer, though, is the stunning geometric band that’s such a feature of the Verona collection. Set in perfectly clear crystalline glass, these embossments shimmer beautifully under light.
This set of four champagne glasses is packed into a handsome Maxwell & Williams box, so it makes a fine champagne gift set for a true connoisseur.
Capacity: 150ml 
Size: 5.8x 5.8x 22.5cm