These Master Class Stainless Steel Egg Spoons offer the easiest way to enjoy the perfect boiled egg. Slightly smaller than a regular teaspoon, these mini spoons feature small, rounded bowls. This means you can easily scoop up and enjoy the delicious yolk and egg white without breaking the shell.
Stylish and practical, these eggs spoons are manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel with a mirror-polished finish. Ideal for a breakfast of egg and toasted soldiers to kick-start the day!

Useful Information

— Includes 4 high-quality egg spoons
— Each egg spoon measures 12 cm (4½")
— Dishwasher safe
— Come complete with Master Class's 5 year guarantee

The Master Class Collection

Removing the top from your boiled egg can be tricky, with bits of shell often ending up in the yolk. However, there is a solution! You can pair your egg spoons with one of the Master Class egg toppers (MCTOPPER or MCEGGTOP), for a delicious shell-free boiled egg and toasted soldiers.

MasterClass Set of 4 Egg Spoons

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