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MasterClass Smart Space Collapsible Bucket, 9 L


  • A CLEVER, SPACE-SAVING SOLUTION: this pop-up bucket flattens into an easily storable disc
  • MAXIMISE KITCHEN STORAGE: you can store it under sinks, or hang it on a hook
  • NINE-LITRE (TWO-GALLON) CAPACITY: ideal for many household chores, from cleaning the car to mopping floors
  • PRACTICAL DESIGN: it's made of durable plastic, with a heavy-duty handle and a pouring lip
  • USEFUL INFO: essential for camping, caravanning and fishing. Easy to clean. Twelve month guarantee
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When space is at a premium, the MasterClass Smart Space range has an ingenious solution – smart, practical pop-up household tools. This black-and-grey bucket fully collapses for quick, convenient storage under the sink, in the car boot or the kitchen cupboard, so you’re never faced with the problem of where to put it. With a little pressure, the flattened bucket will become three dimensional again – and deceptively strong, too.