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MasterClass Professional Vitreous Enamel Square Baking Tin 23cm


We have run out of stock for this item.

  • EXTRA TOUGH: this vitreous enamel-coated roasting pan provides years of superior baking and roasting performance
  • BUILT FOR BUSY KITCHENS: there's no warping and it can easily withstand bumps and scrapes
  • SCRATCH-RESISTANT VITREOUS ENAMEL: you can even use metal utensils without damaging its surface
  • INDUCTION SAFE: use it on any stovetop. It's perfect for making gravy on the hob
  • USEFUL INFO: this square roasting tin is dishwasher safe. Includes a 25 year guarantee

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This MasterClass Professional Vitreous Enamel Square Baking Pan’s heavy duty core and durable coating allow you to excel in the kitchen – whether you’re roasting, baking or cooking. It’s very versatile, so you could, for example, bake square sponge cakes, a lasagne or roast potatoes.
It’s made from heavy duty 1 mm thick steel which is finished with a premium performance layer of vitreous enamel. With its excellent heat conducting properties, it absorbs and distributes the heat from your oven more quickly and evenly.