• PROFESSIONAL STANDARD: this pan is designed to provide exceptional performance in home or commercial kitchens
  • OUTSTANDING DURABILITY: the frying pan features a robust carbon steel body and a riveted handle
  • CERAMIC CORE: it helps to provide better heat distribution, so food cooks more evenly
  • NANO SILICA NON-STICK: it's BPA free, tough enough for metal utensils, and releases food easily
  • USEFUL INFO: safe on almost all heat sources, including induction hobs
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Professional by name, exceptional in quality. The 26 cm MasterClass Professional Carbon Steel Non-Stick Induction Safe Frying Pan is designed to provide outstanding performance and durability in busy commercial and home kitchens. With its ceramic core, carbon steel body and state-of-the-art non-stick coating, it’s suitable for cooking on all heat sources, including induction hobs. 
MasterClass Non-Stick Carbon Steel Induction-Safe Wok, 26 cm

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