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MasterClass Non-Stick Square Baking Tin, 23 cm


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Whether you're roasting a small joint of beef, baking a batch of brownies or making a lasagne, this MasterClass 23 x 4 cm Non-Stick Square Baking Pan allows you to cook with confidence every time.

Perfect for daily use, it's manufactured from heavy duty 1 mm commercial grade carbon steel that's been electroplated to give it additional strength. This allows it to absorb and distribute the heat from your oven more evenly. With this, it consistently provides you with superior results - with not an undercooked cake centre or unevenly cooked joint of meat in sight. It's also designed to release your food without trouble - whatever you're cooking.

This baking pan is finished with a double non-stick Quantum II coating. So, it releases food quickly, easily, and the case of baked treats such as cakes and brownies, without damaging them. There's significantly less mess to clean as a result, making the washing up a far easier task. It's also the safe choice to bake, cook or roast with.

This double non-stick layer is free of chemicals such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and bisphenol A (BPA). Keeping it at its high performance best is very easy too.

You can simply rinse this square baking pan down with warm water when you've finished, or, for an even quicker clean-up, put it in your dishwasher. It also features rolled edges, which, combined with its heavy duty construction, protect it from rust.

This 23 x 4 cm Non-Stick Square Baking Pan also comes complete with MasterClass's 20 year guarantee against faulty workmanship or materials, as well as a five year non-stick guarantee.