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MasterClass Non-Stick Pudding Basin Steamer Bowl


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  • A SIMPLE WAY TO STEAM classic suet puddings, Christmas puddings and more in large saucepans
  • MADE OF CARBON STEEL for durability, with a Quantum II non-stick coating for easy release
  • LOCKING LID: it creates a tight seal for consistent cooking with no risk of sogginess
  • STRONG RIVETED HANDLES make it easy to remove and carry from hot saucepans
  • GIFT BOXED with recipes to get you started
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Perfect your favourite traditional pudding recipes with this MasterClass Non-Stick Pudding Basin/Steamer Bowl. It’s really easy to use, so you’ll love trying all the old classics – from hearty steak and ale suet puddings and sweet sticky toffee puddings to light Christmas puddings and classic Scottish clootie dumplings.
With its effective non-stick coating, it takes the hassle out of steaming and serving perfect puddings. And thanks to its heavy-duty construction it’s more than strong enough for regular use. In fact, it comes with a 20 year guarantee, as well as a five year non-stick guarantee. The pan has a 2-litre (3½ pint) capacity, so it’s ideal for steaming larger puddings to serve several at a dinner party or family meal.