• HEAVY-DUTY CHOPPING BOARD: made of durable plastic, it brings MasterClass quality to everyday food prep
  • NON-STICK: slice ingredients, sweep into pans, and clean up effortlessly thanks to its non-stick surface
  • NON-SLIP: rubbery edges grip work surfaces to keep things secure and safe as you chop
  • KNIFE FRIENDLY: the non-absorbent, non-toxic plastic is gentle on knives, so they retain their sharpness
  • Dimensions: 40 x 28 cm

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With its smooth surface and non-stick coating, this MasterClass Non-Slip White Plastic Chopping Board With Handle is perfect for preparing poultry, meat and vegetables. As well as being food safe, this clever material is extremely strong. It won't chip or crack as you cut, slice and chop your ingredients. It's gentle on your knife edges too, so they’ll stay sharper for longer.
Non-Stick Coating The board's smart non-stick coating ensures that whatever you're preparing – fish, meat or vegetable – it won't stick. This means your ingredients remain intact, and the washing up becomes far simpler.
MasterClass Non-Slip Plastic Chopping Board With Handle

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