• LIGHT ANY GAS STOVE OR HOB: this battery-powered gas lighter makes it safe and easy
  • NO-FLAME ELECTRIC LIGHTER: it will only work when there's a gas source to ignite
  • COMFORT-SHAPED SATIN HANDLE ensures a firm grip, while its length keeps hands clear of flames
  • SUITABLE FOR CONTINUOUS USE: simply hold the button down
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Light gas hobs and stoves quickly and safely with the MasterClass Electronic Gas Hob Cooker Lighter. Rather than produce a flame, it generates a spark. This makes it extremely easy to use, and safer too. Simply turn on your stove's gas, then push down the button to produce a spark to light the burner. The perfect tool for lighting a hob or oven without an igniter. Powered by a single AA battery (not included). 
MasterClass Electronic Gas Hob Cooker Lighter

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