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MasterClass Adjustable Electric Salt & Pepper Mill with Light


We have run out of stock for this item.

MasterClass Adjustable Electric Salt and Pepper Mill with Light, 22 cm (8.75'')


  • STANDS OUT: this battery-powered electric grinder features a gorgeous brushed stainless steel finish
  • EASY ONE-TOUCH OPERATION: it's easy to use, with adjustable grind settings to suit your preference
  • STURDY CERAMIC GRINDING MECHANISM: it's suitable for salt, pepper, coarse sugar, whole spices and herbs
  • BUILT-IN LIGHT: this means you can see how much seasoning you're applying to your food
  • USEFUL INFO: packed in an attractive gift box. Includes a five year guarantee


Revolutionise your cooking and enliven your dining table with the MasterClass Adjustable Electric Salt and Pepper Mill. It’s a quick, effortless and versatile way to infuse your food with fresh natural flavours – and it looks great too! Easy One-Touch Operation This electronic grinder is so simple to use, you can keep one hand free for cooking! Simply press the button at the top to start the grinding mechanism – it only takes a second, and the electric mechanism grinds faster than traditional mills too. Adjustable Grinding Mechanism For Total Versatility The easy-to-adjust grinding mechanism lets you select the perfect grind for your food. Choose from a fine powder to coarse bursts of flavour – great for all kinds of dishes, from spice-infused soups to juicy, peppery steaks. Suitable for Salt, Pepper and Much, Much More As well as salt and pepper, this electric mill can grind coarse sugar crystals, whole spices, exotic herbs and much more – so it’s a fantastic way to explore new and exciting flavours in your cooking. This is thanks to its durable ceramic mechanism, which is strong enough to tackle even the toughest herbs and spices. With ceramic, you can enjoy long-lasting, outstanding performance with no rust! Built-In Light – Use it Anywhere! From bright morning brunches to candlelit dinners, you can use this automatic grinder anywhere! Simply press the button to activate an integral light, which shows you exactly where your seasonings will be applied. Lightweight Stainless Steel Design with Soft-Grip Pad This grinder’s brushed stainless steel design looks really elegant, so it can take pride of place on your dining table, or in your kitchen. Looks aside, its lightweight body and soft-grip pad makes it really comfortable to hold, and affords maximum control – no slips and no mess! — This product requires four AA batteries (not included)