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MasterClass 3 Minute Hourglass Egg Timer


We have run out of stock for this item.

MasterClass 3-Minute Hourglass Egg Timer, 4 x 10 cm (3'' x 1.5'')


  • A MODERN CLASSIC: the traditional hourglass-style egg timer, revamped with an eye-catching contemporary design
  • SATIN STAINLESS STEEL: it's durable, practical, and very elegant
  • FELT-LINED BASE: display it anywhere without worrying about slips or nicks
  • TIMES THREE MINUTES: just the right time for a perfect soft-boiled egg
  • QUALITY GUARANTEED: this hourglass timer comes with MasterClass's five year guarantee


The MasterClass Three-Minute Hourglass Egg Timer is perfect for anyone who likes eye-catching style and a good breakfast! Made of sturdy stainless steel with a beautiful satin finish, this sand timer is designed to be extra durable, and to take pride of place on any kitchen worktop. Flip it over and watch its white sand flow down to the lower half, timing exactly three minutes. That’s typically the time it takes to boil the perfect soft boiled egg. A runny yolk, crispy buttered toast, and a stylishly cool kitchen gadget – just the right ingredients for the perfect morning meal…