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KitchenCraft Roasting Rack / Cooling Tray, Chrome-Plated Wire, 25 x 20 cm


KitchenCraft Roasting Rack / Cooling Tray, Chrome-Plated Wire, 25 x 20 cm


  • RAISED DESIGN: excess meat fat drips down, adding flavour to roast vegetables or homemade gravy
  • HEALTHIER ROASTING: because the fat drips away, this roasting rack lets you enjoy guilt-free roasts
  • DIPPED MESH SUPPORT: it holds meat and even small veggies and chips firmly in place
  • DOUBLES AS A COOLING RACK: leave meat or veggies to cool straight from the oven
  • USEFUL INFO: designed to fit most medium or large roasting tins. Twelve month guarantee


Be ready to roast at any time, with this versatile chrome-plated roasting rack that takes the hassle out of cooking. From large joints of meat, to chunks of chopped carrot and onion, the rack can be used to cook all sorts of delicious dinners thanks to the wire mesh support in the base, which stops smaller items from falling through. If you’re roasting a joint or poultry for dinner, the rack will lift the meat out of the base of your roasting pan and away from the excess fat, allowing it to drain away so that you can collect it to flavour your vegetables or make yummy gravy, or even just dispose of it for a healthier option. What’s more, the chrome plating makes it easy to release cooked food from the surface of the rack and light work of washing up afterwards, so you can relax after dinner!