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Natural Elements Hessian Onion Storage Sack


We have run out of stock for this item.

KitchenCraft Natural Elements Hessian Onion Storage Sack

Keep onions fresh, and bring a timeless, natural look to your kitchen with this onion storage bag.

Do you find yourself throwing out onions by the bagful? They might be a cooking essential, but its all too easy to let them go bad.

The solution? The onion preserving bag, from KitchenCraft Natural Elements. This jute sack helps keep your onions fresher for longer, as well as keeping them tidy and organised.

The hessian bag is lined with a blackout material, which keeps light out but lets onions breathe. So when you next fancy a crispy salad or spicy curry, your onions will still be fresh and good to use.

And like all Natural Elements products, its inspired by nature. A rustic hessian outer layer, marked with the text Onions, will bring timeless, natural vibes to your kitchen.

  • Measures 21 x 21 x 20 cm (8 x 8 x 8 inches)
  • Wipes clean

Cut down on food waste

This vegetable bag is not only a good cost effective item for your home it could also help you look after the environment. As your vegetables last longer, youll waste less food!

Blackout lining

The hessian bag is lined with a breathable blackout lining, and this is what keeps your vegetables fresher for longer.


The drawstring top on the hessian potato preserving bag allows you to easily open and close the bag, all the while still keeping your potatoes fresh.

Stand or hang

This potato sack will look great stood on a shelf or countertop, or you can choose to hang it by the drawstring.