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KitchenCraft Milk Thermometer, Stainless Steel



  • FROTH LIKE A PRO: heat milk to the perfect temperature for frothing with this thermometer
  • EASY-READ DIAL: it features pre-marked frothing zones, so even beginners can achieve frothy, barista-style coffees
  • CLIPS TO PANS/JUGS: this makes monitoring temperatures simple when using a frother or steam wand
  • RELIABLE CHOICE: made of tough stainless steel, it accurately reads temperatures from 10°C/0°F to 100°C/220°F
  • USEFUL INFO: a latte art essential, this Le'Xpress milk thermometer includes KitchenCraft's 12 month guarantee


Nothing quite soothes the pains of the day like a smooth latte, frothy cappuccino or rich mocha. But you don’t have to rush to the coffee shop every time you crave that velvety smoothness. With the KitchenCraft Le'Xpress stainless steel milk thermometer, you can easily make your own frothy, steamed milk at home, and turn it into those café-quality hot drinks you love. Simply clip this frothing thermometer to the side of your frothing jug or saucepan, and it will quickly provide an accurate temperature reading. No barista skills necessary: when the indicator hits the pre-marked ‘froth’ zone, you know you’re at that magic frothing temperature, and you can enjoy glossy-smooth microfoam, every time. Then, pour it into your coffee for a lusciously milky treat, or try your hand at some latte art!