• ACHIEVE GOURMET CRISPINESS: this flan tin's tiny holes circulate hot air for golden, crispy results
  • PERFECT FOR PASTRY: use this baking tin to make crisp, crumbly quiches, flans and tarts
  • QUANTUM II NON-STICK: it releases bakes easily, thanks to this innovative, BPA-free double non-stick coating
  • RECOGNISED QUALITY: this quiche/flan tin is part of MasterClass's multi-award-winning Crusty Bake collection
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This MasterClass Crusty Bake 30 cm Non-Stick Loose Base Fluted Tart Tin / Quiche Pan with Removable Bottom makes it easy to bake big, impressive quiches or flans every time – with crispier crusts, evenly baked fillings and no more soggy bottoms!
MasterClass Crusty Bake Non Stick Pastry Flan Tin, 30 cm

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