KitchenCraft Living Nostalgia Natural Lambswool Duster (48 cm)

It seems that wherever we look, were inundated with adverts for the latest miracle cleaning product. But sometimes its best to go back to basics. Thats why the folks at KitchenCraft have created this natural woollen duster. Like all their Living Nostalgia products, it looks simple, beautiful and well, simply beautiful. But behind its charming looks is a powerful cleaning tool that makes light work of daily dusting, without the need for toxic cleaning chemicals or expensive replacement parts.

Best of all, its made of 100 per cent natural lambswool, which traps and picks up dust using static electricity. It works just like modern microfiber dusters, but was invented by sheep, not scientists.

  • Measures 22 cm (8 inches) without feather head
  • Measures 48 cm (19 inches) including feather head

Lambswool: The Incredible Natural Dusting Material

If you havent used a lambswool duster before, youre in for a treat. This incredible natural material acts like a magnet for dust and cobwebs, causing them to fly out of nooks and crannies and lodge themselves in the duster instead. And not only does it make dusting easy, but it looks beautiful, and is gentle enough for use on delicate items like ornaments and picture frames.

Easy to manoeuvre

This duster is fitted with a 22 cm (8 inches) bamboo handle. Bamboo is lightweight and durable, so its perfect for precise, controlled dusting.

Built to last

How many times have you bought a new-fangled cleaning gadget, only to spend a fortune on replacement pads and other gimmicks? Like the best tools of the past, this duster is built to last.

Easy to clean

To clean this duster, simply give it a shake outside to dislodge the dust caught in the woollen head. For a deeper clean, simply wash with baby shampoo.

Simple to store

Done dusting? The wool duster includes a loop of cord, which can be used to hang it on a hook or utensil rack.

About Living Nostalgia

Vintage kitchenware wasnt just useful it was beautiful. KitchenCrafts Living Nostalgia collection takes cues from the rustic kitchens of the past, resulting in a range of convenient kitchen and household products thats equal parts pretty and practical. The folks at KitchenCraft call it delightful domesticity.

The Living Nostalgia collection features bucolic enamel bakeware, sturdy steel canisters, vintage-style scales, handy housekeeping boxes and much more. Every piece is infused with the history of KitchenCraft itself, which was founded in Birmingham way back in 1850.

As William Morris put it: Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.

Living Nostalgia Traditional Natural Lambswool Duster, 48 cm (19)

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