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Living Nostalgia Metal Kitchen Compost Bin Cream


Living Nostalgia Metal Kitchen Compost Bin

Put the waste in your home to practical use with the KitchenCraft Living Nostalgia Kitchen Compost Bin. Its specially designed for use indoors, with a special charcoal filter that keeps odours to a minimum. And with its attractive vintage look and compact footprint, its ideal for your kitchen worktop. If it wasnt for the word 'COMPOST' printed across the front, youd hardly know it was a bin at all!

The composter is built to KitchenCraft's Living Nostalgia design philosophy: it looks elegant, is made of robust steel, and is very, very useful. In other words, its just like kitchenware used to be.

Great for Gardeners and Home-Growers

This compost bin might look small, but it has a generous three-litre capacity. This means you can turn a huge variety of kitchen waste into first-class, garden-friendly compost including eggshells, teabags, fruit and veg peelings and much more.

If youre a keen gardener or you grow your own veg, this compost bin is suitable for you. It even has a sturdy metal handle with a wooden grip, so its easy to carry it to the garden and empty into a larger compost heap. The removable lid is also fitted with a steel handle, for hygiene and convenience.

Odour-Absorbing Filter Included

Thanks to this steel composter's charcoal filter, you don't have to put up with nasty niffs in your kitchen. The folks at KitchenCraft have even included a replacement filter in the box, so you can enjoy odourless composting for longer.

  • Measures 12 x 16.5 x 24 cm (4 x 6 x 9)
  • Hand-wash only

Great for Any Kitchen

Finished with ridged detailing and a beautiful French Grey powder coating, this kitchen composter easily blends in with existing decors in your home. It's also available in KitchenCraft's Antique Cream (LNCOMPCRE) or Vintage Blue (LNCOMPBLU) palettes.