• BEAUTIFUL AND FUNCTIONAL: store ingredients in simple, attractive style with this fluted glass storage jar
  • GENEROUS CAPACITY: ideal as a large sweet jar, or for storing rice, pasta or biscuits
  • AIRTIGHT FRESHNESS: it comes with an attractive curved lid, complete with an airtight rubber seal
  • MAKE A SET: combine this 1.4-litre jar with KitchenCraft Home Made's 2.2-litre and 600ml jars
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The KitchenCraft Home Made Large Glass Storage Jar boasts a beautiful Art Deco-inspired design, making it perfect for storing rice, pasta or biscuits in beautiful style.

Its delicately fluted exterior and crystal-clear look transform your stored ingredients into lovely decorative displays – whether you pack it with sweets, snacks or everyday essentials.

Made of high-quality glass, this jar also features a glass lid and a high-quality airtight rubber seal. This means you can rely on it to keep its contents fresher for longer too.

Home Made Medium Glass Storage Jar, 1.4 Litre

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