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KitchenCraft Porcelain Ceramic White Salt Pig


We have run out of stock for this item.

KitchenCraft Ceramic Salt Pig, Porcelain, White, 16 x 12 x 11 cm


  • NO MORE RUMMAGING FOR SALT: this salt pig ensures it's always close when you're cooking
  • SALT STAYS FRESH: the white porcelain's 'magical' properties prevent salt becoming damp, dry or clumpy
  • PRACTICAL DESIGN: high sides and a covered top keep salt safe from dust and splatters
  • OPEN APERTURE: simply pop your hand in whenever you need a pinch of salt
  • USEFUL INFO: odour and flavour resistant. Dishwasher safe. Twelve month guarantee


Save yourself the hassle and sticky fingerprints that come with rooting around in the cupboard while you’re cooking and keep your salt on hand at all times, by re-homing it in to this stylish white porcelain salt pig. This salt pig has top-notch skills when it comes to keeping one of your most important kitchen ingredients in good shape. Firstly, it’s made of porcelain, which helps to keep the salt at the right consistency, even in hot and humid kitchens. That means it won’t go damp, clump or dry out. Porcelain won't absorb flavours or odours either, so you won’t risk your salt, or your salt pig, picking up any tastes or smells that you don’t want it to. The protective sides and top on this salt pig are designed to shelter your salt from all those unavoidable and inevitable messy kitchen splatters. The salt is still easy to access, though – the hole at the front is nice and wide, so when you need to add a sprinkle to your recipe, all you need to do is pop your hand in and grab a pinch. Simple!