• RURALLY YOURS… invite farmyard charm into your kitchen with this set of pretty measuring cups.
  • PRETTY DETAILS: with a rustic hen print (from a watercolour original) and hand-painted sage base
  • VERSATILE: printed with cup sizes and ml equivalents, they're suitable for wet or dry ingredients
  • STACKABLE JUG DESIGN: featuring cute handles and easy-pour spouts, these jug-style cups stack for storage.
  • Includes four sizes (¼ cup to 1 cup).
  • Size: 8.8 x 12 x 13.5cm
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Cakes and treats always taste better when they’ve been made with a smile. So remind yourself of the pure, pastoral joy of the English countryside every time you bake, with this set of four measuring cups from KitchenCraft’s Apple Farm collection.

This delightful set of measuring cups is made of high-quality stoneware, and the largest is printed with some of Apple Farm’s friendliest characters – Henriette, Hilary and Hazel the hens. It's finished with a sweeping, hand-painted base in a lovely soft sage-green colour.

Use these cups whenever you get the urge to bake a nice, soft sponge for an after-dinner treat, or a plateful of scones for afternoon tea.

They’re great for following American recipe blogs or cookbooks, too, because they have American cup sizes and metric equivalents printed on the inside. These cup measures will suit any kitchen that has a hint of the pastoral about it. 

Apple Farm Hand-Finished 'Hazel Hen' Ceramic Measuring Cups

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