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KitchenCraft Traditional Metal Butterfly Can Opener


We have run out of stock for this item.

KitchenCraft Traditional Metal Butterfly Can Opener

The classic design that some swear by and for good reason!

Sometimes simple is just better. And KitchenCraft's Metal Butterfly Can Opener is the perfect example. There are no gimmicks its a simple can opener with a tried-and-tested design that opens cans in seconds.

Its sharp tempered steel cutting wheel makes easy work of opening the stubbornest of cans. It also boasts sturdy metal handles for a nice, firm grip, and a built-in bottle opener so you can crack open a refreshing drink when youre finished. Job done!

  • Length: 17.5 cm (7 inches)
  • Hand-wash only

Classic design

Butterfly tin openers have been popular for decades, and its easy to see why. KitchenCrafts version is nice and robust, and offers great value for money.

Easy-turn knob

This butterfly opener features an easy-to-turn knob that rotates its cutting wheel really easily. No weird, lumpy plastic handles here!

Super-hard cutting wheel

The cutting wheel is made of tempered steel, which is tougher and less brittle than normal steel. This means it glides through cans quickly and effectively.

Built-in bottle cap remover

Opening cans is surely a chore that deserves some kind of reward, right? Well, with this can openers built-in bottle cap remover, you can easily pop the cap off a nice, cold beer or soft drink.