Kitchen Craft BarCraft Cut Glass-Style 'Unbreakable' Acrylic Tumbler Glass, 400 ml (14 fl oz)

  • This chic glassware set offers all the glamour of traditional cut glass - but they're actually made of super-tough acrylic plastic
  • A stylish, practical alternative to glass. It's far less fragile, so it's safe around rowdy kids, clumsy adults and the great outdoors!
  • Lightweight and portable: pack them in a picnic bag or take them caravanning and sip your favourite tipple in style
  • Their 400 ml (14 fl oz) capacity makes them ideal for soft drinks, spirits on ice or classic cocktails like the old fashioned or mojito
  • You get 4 plastic glasses in the set. They're dishwasher safe and come with a 12 month guarantee

You're hosting a party, but you've got a real dilemma – do you show-off your prized glassware and risk it getting damaged, or go for something that potentially falls flat? Don’t worry, BarCraft has the perfect solution! These cut glass-effect champagne tumblers provide all the glitz and glamour of your best champagne glasses, but backed up by the durability of acrylic plastic. They're finished with ornate glass etching that's so convincing you could easily be tricked into thinking they're made from real crystal glass. Acrylic, however, is super tough. This means it won't shatter if it's accidentally dropped. So, they're not just a great substitute at house parties, but also for outdoor use, like picnics, barbecues and even caravan holidays. You get four in the set. So stock up the home bar, gather some friends, and put together some fruity cocktail recipes, without worrying about breakages!


BarCraft Cut Glass-Style 'Unbreakable' Acrylic Tumbler Glass

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