Growth Technology Houseplant Focus Drip Feeders Pack of 6

  • Easy to use drip feeders. Provides a regular feed of the essential nutrients. Do Not forget to water as usual whilst using drippers!
  • Exactly the same ingredients as Houseplant Myst, for healthy plant growth
  • Growth Technology, the experts in plant nutrition, look for the 'Focus' name for your next plant fertiliser.
  • Just snip off end of cap and insert inverted into the plant growth media
  • Feeds for approx 3-4 weeks

Houseplant Focus Drip Feeders will provide healthy growth for all houseplants. Liquid formulated in the UK based on Houseplant Focus.

Houseplant Focus Drip Feeders contain a superior liquid formulated and manufactured in the UK for healthy growth and flowering of the widest range of houseplants.

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Houseplant Focus Drip Feeders, Pack of 6

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