• Mix can be used all year round
  • The squirrels can eat this feed straightaway
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Squirrel food. Wild on Wildlife squirrel food is a balanced food mix for wild squirrels to supplement their natural food. Use the mix instead of feeding them leftovers such as salted nuts, bread, biscuits or milk, as these foods can be harmful. This mix can be used all year round. The squirrels can eat this feed straightaway or build a store elsewhere for their winter stock. Furthermore, this feeder gives the opportunity to observe the squirrel, especially early in the morning and in the late afternoon. In autumn squirrels eat a lot to build up a layer of fat to keep them warm in the winter. Complementary food for wild squirrels only, not for human consumption. Ingredients: striped sunflower seeds, carob, oats, corn, wheat, mixed grain with vitamin C (grains, grain by-products, by-products from the manufacture of sugar, premix, chalk, vegetable oil), shelled sunflower seeds, safflower seed, pumpkin seeds, raisins, gelatinized corn, gelatinized wheat, cedar nuts, carrot flakes, rose hip fruits, dried mealworms. Guaranteed analysis: crude fibre 14.4%, Crude fat 12.5%, Crude protein 11.7%, Moisture 10%, Crude ash 3.5%, calcium 0.8%, Phosphorus 0.8%. Additives/kg: 5.0mg Vitamin A (E672), 0.5mg IU vitamin D3 (E671), 25 mg IU vitamin E 202mg Vitamin C. Keep cool and dry. Once opened store in a cool, dry place and use within 3 months. This product contains nuts.

Fallen Fruits Squirrel Food

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