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Chilli Focus Premium Liquid Concentrated Fertiliser 100 ml


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Chilli Focus Premium Liquid Concentrated Fertiliser 100ml

A completely unique, balanced nutrient solution for chillies and peppers. This Chilli Focus Premium Liquid Concentrated Fertiliser is the only liquid nutrient solution on the market, specifically formulated for chilli and pepper plants.

This formula supports the production of healthier, more vigorous plants and colourful, juicier fruits. This balanced nutrition fertiliser should ideally be used regularly, from the start. A special solution for chillies and peppers grown in pots, growbags or the open ground. When properly fed, your chillies and peppers can produce bumper plants for you to harvest.

Created from pure mineral salts and enriched with complex organic plant acids, such as humic and fulvic acid, this strong fertiliser increases the fertility of these potted plants. Chilli Focus is a balanced nutrition that should be used regularly.