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Chef'n Pepper Ball Grinder


We have run out of stock for this item.

  • ICONIC: the updated PepperBall features the same iconic design of the 1995 original, only better.
  • ONE-HAND WONDER: this pepper mill lets you season one-handed - just squeeze the handles together!
  • EASY, ADJUSTABLE GRINDING: the rust-free ceramic rasp can be easily adjusted from ultra-fine to coarse.
  • TIME TO TOP UP?: with a clear bowl and twist-off base, it's easy to refill.
  • USEFUL INFO: this pepper grinder is great for kitchen or table. Comes pre-filled with peppercorns.
  • Size: 8 x 8 x 15 cm (3 x 3 x 6 inches)
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Put that pepper shaker down! It’s no secret that freshly ground pepper tastes better than that pre-ground stuff. Enjoy easy-peasy, freshly ground peppercorns with this handy pre-filled PepperBall® by Chef’n.

The PepperBall is designed to be used one-handed, for easy seasoning at the table or stove. Simply choose your desired coarseness using the slider on the base, then give the handles a squeeze to season. The strong ceramic rasp provides the perfect grind, and the ball itself is nice and durable. What’s not to love?