• Premium quality Bolsuis White Unscented Bistro Candles
  • Ideal for restaurants, weddings and event table centrepieces
  • Quality paraffin wax
  • Pack of 45
  • Dimensions: 7 inch
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Made with quality paraffin wax and pure cotton wicks, these non-drip Bolsius White Unscented Bistro Candles produce a smooth flame. 

Smokeless and long burning, our tapered candles are the perfect  'no mess' candles during the evening for restaurant tables. Create a special atmosphere with soft, flattering candlelight, ideal for weddings, event table centerpieces or a romantic dinner for two.

Bolsius are renowned for their high-quality European candles that produce a clean burn and a long-lasting flame.

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Bolsius White Unscented Bistro Candles, Pack of 45

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