BarCraft Stainless Steel Lazy Fish Corkscrew

If you remember the Lazy Fish, you’ll already know how powerful this little fish-shaped corkscrew can be. This little fish was famous for removing even the most stubborn corks with ease. Now, Barcraft has created a new Lazy Fish, based on the original design – and it’s just as good as it was in the 1990s.

Its secret is its clever concertina mechanism. This gives you much greater leverage than a standard corkscrew, so you don't need to pull the cork with anywhere near as much force. No struggle and quicker uncorking – there's no excuse not to keep the wine flowing.

  • Measures 16.5 cm (6½ inches) when folded.
  • Measures 25 cm (10 inches) when unfolded.
  • Wipe-clean only

The Classic Party Essential

The Lazy Fish is an essential tool for any occasion where wine is on the menu. It makes opening bottles quick and painless, so you avoid those awkward ‘struggling with the cork’ moments. With a quick tug, the cork pops out in one piece, so you can get the party started with a Sauvignon or relax at home with a Zinfandel.

Ergonomic and attractive

With its smart fish-shaped design, this corkscrew is bound to attract admiring glances. Even better, its good looks also make it a joy to use – the fish’s ‘tail’ is easy to grip, making uncorking easier on your hands.

Durable design

The Lazy Fish is robust and hardwearing, so it gives you the durability you can rely on time and time again. A must-have addition to any bar or home.

Gift boxed

This corkscrew is packaged in a BarCraft gift box. It's a great gift idea for any wine-loving friend or loved one (or a special treat for yourself).

BarCraft Stainless Steel Lazy Fish Corkscrew, Silver, 16.5 x 7.5 x 4.5 cm

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