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BarCraft Iridescent Copper Finish Wine or Champagne Cooler Bucket



  • SUPREMELY STYLISH: chill bottles of bubbly with this luxury sparkling wine cooler
  • AN IMPRESSIVE CENTREPIECE: features iridescent copper on the outside, and glimmering steel inside
  • RING HANDLES: they make it easy to carry, even when loaded with ice and fizz
  • STAYS COOL: this stainless steel bucket will keep your wine crisp and delicious all evening
  • A FINE WINE LOVERS' GIFT, it fits one bottle of wine/bubbly. Five year guarantee


When it comes to serving and presenting champagne, BarCraft’s iridescent copper-plated cooler bucket is in a league of its own. Like all good metal champagne buckets, it’s highly effective in keeping pre-chilled wines cold, and rapidly lowering the temperature of tepid wines before they are served. But it’s the look that really sets it apart from everyday coolers. Give the bucket pride of place in the centre of the table, and enjoy the glimmering iridescence and swirling pattern of its copper coating. Its striking, pearlescent looks make it a shoe-in for formal celebrations like dinner parties or special events, while its robust construction means you can use it, worry-free, at weekly get-togethers and other everyday occasions. If you can bear to part with it, a good-quality champagne bucket makes a lovely housewarming or wedding gift for someone special. Or, skip the sacrifice, and order two!