• Keep your wine crisp and delicious all evening with this luxury sparkling wine cooler from BarCraft
    • Stainless steel with contemporary hammered finish
    • Practical, easy to carry ring handles
    • Ideal gift for any wine lover
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    When it comes to serving and presenting champagne, BarCraft’s hammered stainless steel cooler bucket does its job with a touch of sophistication. Like all good metal champagne buckets, it’s highly effective in keeping pre-chilled wines cold and rapidly lowering the temperature of tepid wines before they are served.
    Give the bucket pride of place in the centre of the table, and enjoy how light bounces and glitters off the striking, hammered-effect steel. The robust construction means you can use it, worry-free, at weekly get-togethers and other everyday occasions. A lovely housewarming or wedding gift for someone special.

    BarCraft Hammered Finish Luxury Champagne Cooler

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