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BarCraft Brandy Warmer Gift Set, Glass & Stand


We have run out of stock for this item.

BarCraft Brandy Warmer Gift Set with Glass and Stand, Metal


  • BRANDY SERVED RIGHT: enjoy brandy the way it's supposed to be with this brandy warmer
  • A COMPLETE SET: it includes a 350ml brandy glass, a tealight holder and a stand
  • EASY TO USE: simply fill the snifter and place on the stand over the tealight
  • TRADITIONAL SNIFTER: its narrow top traps aromas, while the round bottom is easy to cup
  • PERFECT GIFT: this brandy gift set is fantastic for any brandy lover. Twelve month guarantee


There's only one way to *really* enjoy brandy, and that's served at room temperature. BarCraft's brandy warmer set includes all the pieces you need to gently warm your brandy before serving. It includes a 350 ml (12½ fl oz) brandy snifter, the stand and a tealight holder.