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Artesà Terracotta Mini Table-Top Pizza Oven


  • LOVE ENTERTAINING? Give guests an experience to remember with this handsome cook-your-own mini pizza oven.
  • LET GUESTS COOK THEIR OWN STARTERS, or add some fun to family dinners.
  • COOKS TWO MINI PIZZAS or two slices of garlic bread in just 15 minutes.
  • NEEDS NO GAS OR ELECTRICITY: its gel fuel burner can be used indoors or out.
  • USEFUL INFO: this pizza cooker comes gift boxed with instructions and a heat-resistant mat.
  • Size 15 x 27 x 22cm.
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With a simple switch in roles, Artesà's table-top pizza oven totally refashions the dinner party rules. It immerses your diners in the cooking of their own exquisite little entrée pizzas and flatbreads direct at the dinner table. In fact, it works just like a rustic, old-fashioned pizza oven, but on a smaller scale. Its metal base conducts heat from the burners, while the terracotta lid traps it – baking your mini pizzas, individual flat breads and garlic bread slices to perfection. Delizio!