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Living Nostalgia Traditional Dustpan & Brush Set


KitchenCraft Living Nostalgia Genuine Natural Dusters, Dustpan Set, Extendable 


It seems that wherever we look, were inundated with adverts for the latest miracle cleaning product. But sometimes its best to go back to basics. Thats why the folks at KitchenCraft have created this traditional range of cleaning tools. Like all their Living Nostalgia products, it looks simple, beautiful and well, simply beautiful. But behind its charming looks is a powerful cleaning tool that makes light work of daily dusting, without the need for toxic cleaning chemicals or expensive replacement parts.

Best of all, it uses 100 per cent genuine ostrich feathers and Lambswool. Theyre the original miracle cleaning product, courtesy of Mother Nature herself.

Natures cleaning power

Do feather dusters belong in modern homes? Absolutely. Theyre wonderfully soft and flexible, so they glide around the nooks and crannies of your home, while being extremely gentle. This makes them ideal for delicate items.

Built to last

How many times have you bought a new-fangled cleaning gadget, only to spend a fortune on replacement pads and other gimmicks? Like the best tools of the past, this duster is built to last.

Easy to clean

To clean this these products, simply give it a shake outside to dislodge the dust caught in the ostrich feathers. For a deeper clean, simply wash with baby shampoo.

Simple to store

Done cleaning? These tools includes a loop of cord, which can be used to hang it on a hook or utensil rack.

Natural Ostrich Feather Duster (40 cm)

  • Measures 22 cm (8 inches) without feather head
  • Measures 40 cm (15 inches) including feather head

Ostrich Feather Duster with Telescopic Handle

  • Handle extends from 82 cm (2 ft 8 inch) to 130 cm (4 ft 3 inch)
  • Total reach (including head): 102 cm (3 ft 4 inch) to 150 cm (4 ft 11 inch)

Natural Lambswool Duster (48 cm)

  • Measures 22 cm (8 inches) without feather head
  • Measures 48 cm (19 inches) including feather head

Traditional Upright Lobby Pan and Broom Set

  • Includes a tall dustpan and long-handled broom
  • Set measures 25.5 x 23 x 99 cm (10 x 9 x 39 inches)
  • Wipe clean only

Traditional Dustpan and Brush Set

  • Dustpan measures 33 x 21.5 x 6.5 cm (13 x 8 x 2 in)
  • Brush measures 34 cm (13 in) long

Table-Top Dustpan and Brush Set

  • Measures 16 x 11 x 4 cm (6 in x 4 in x 1 in) when stored together
  • Dustpan can be wiped down after use