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Pyrex Bake & Enjoy Glass Loaf dish 31cm


  • Colour: Transparent
  • Material: Glass
  • Suitable for dishwashers
  • Suitable for microwave
  • Size 31cm
  • External dimensions: 31 x 12 cm
  • Capacity: 1.8L
  • Shape: Rectangular

Pyrex - is borosilicate glass consisting of 8% boron oxide and 85% silica oxide. It is characterised by high resistance to thermal shock. Pyrex was first produced in 1924. A high quality heat resistant dish line designed for use in electrical, gas and microwave ovens, may be used on gas and after applying protective plate on electrical hobs. Resistant to low and high temperatures: from -40C up to +300C. Suitable for use in refrigerators and freezers. Dishwasher safe. In order to extend their durability, avoid pouring cold fluid into hot dish and putting hot dish on cold or wet surface (dish may break). Do not use scouring pad or cleaning powder